This helper function creates you a named vector that conforms your analytical objects, such as the use table, the Leontieff-matrix, etc. With 60x60 matrixes it is easy to make mistakes with manual definition. The empty effects vector can be used in .csv format as a sample to import scenarios from a spreadsheet application.




A use table, Leontieff-matrix, Leontieff-inverse, a coefficient matrix or other named matrix / vector.


de_input_flow <- input_flow_get ( data_table = iotable_get()) conforming_vector_create ( data_table = de_input_flow )
#> iotables_row agriculture_group industry_group construction trade_group #> 1 0 0 0 0 0 #> business_services_group other_services_group final_consumption_households #> 1 0 0 0