The function creates the input indicators from the inputs and the outputs.

input_indicator_create(data_table, input_vector = c("gva_bp",
  "net_tax_production"), digits = NULL, households = FALSE,
  indicator_names = NULL)



A symmetric input-output table, a use table, a margins or tax table retrieved by the iotable_get function.


The name of inputs for which you want to create the indicators. They must be found in the data_table.


Rounding digits, if omitted, no rounding takes place.


If the households column should be added, defaults to FALSE.


The names of new indicators. Defaults to NULL when the names in the key colum of input_matrix will be used to create the indicator names.


A tibble (data frame) containing input_matrix devided by the output_vector with a key column for products or industries.


input_indicator_create( data_table = iotable_get(), input_vector = c("gva", "compensation_employees"), digits = 4, indicator_names = c("GVA indicator", "Income indicator"))
#> iotables_row agriculture_group industry_group construction trade_group #> 1 GVA indicator 0.2137 0.2746 0.3209 0.3971 #> 2 Income indicator 0.4934 0.3659 0.4708 0.5766 #> business_services_group other_services_group #> 1 0.1802 0.5364 #> 2 0.5999 0.7172