Pre-processing and basic analytical tasks related to working with Eurostat's symmetric input-output tables and provide basic input-output economics calculations. The package is a part of rOpenGov <> for open source open government initiatives.

iotables import functions

The iotables import function help downloading and pre-processing the Eurostat symmetric input-output tables and related tables.

iotable_get returns a single table.

employment_get downloads the employment data and processes it to a conforming form.

iotables processing functions

These are various helper functions for accessing parts of the symmetric input-output tables and joining them correctly. conforming_vector_create is a helper function taht creates a named vector that conforms with the analytical objects, such as the use table, the Leontieff-matrix, etc.

household_column_get returns the final household expenditure.

primary_input_get will retrieve any primary input from the input-output table. output_get is a wrapper function around the primary_input_get function.

total_tax_add adds taxes to an input-output table.

analytical object functions

input_flow_get returns the use (input flow) matrix.

leontieff_matrix_create and the leontieff_inverse_create to create the respective analytical matrixes.

indicator functions

input_indicator_create The function creates the input indicators from the inputs and the outputs.

direct_effects_create for direct effects.

coefficient_matrix_create The coefficient matrix is related by default to output, but you can change this to total supply or other total aggregate if it exists in the data table.

multiplier functions

multiplier_create is a wrapper around equation_solve to create multipliers. This is a more generic helper function to calculate various multipliers.

input_multipliers_create is a function to create input multipliers (for direct and indirect economic effects.)

interindustrial linkage functions

backward_linkages creates the vector of industry (product) backward linkages in a wide data.frame class, following the column names of the Leontieff inverse matrix.

forward_linkages creates the vector of industry (product) forward linkages in a long-form data.frame, containing the metadata column of the the row names from the output_coefficient_matrix.

Metadata datasets

Data files that contain descriptive metadata for a correct reproduction of the symmetric input-output tables. The analytical functions use matrix equations that require a precise column and row order for each table.

Validation datasets

Data files that replicate published input-output tables with analysis. These files are used to validate the correct working of the analytical functions.

Croatia data files

These are Croatia's symmetric input-output tables for the year 2010, when the country was not yet an EU member state.